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    Pohole Salad

Can also be made with green beans, watercress, purslane or raw okra


2 cups blanched pohole fern, cut into 1.5inch long pieces 1/4 cup shoyu 2 tbs fish sauce 3 tbs sesame oil


Combine and chill until serving. 

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Ama ebi is the Japanese word for "sweet shrimp." Some people enjoy these prawns super fresh. When the prawns are live and freshly peeled, they taste almost crunchy. When you let the prawns sit in the fridge overnight, peeled, the sugars in the prawns begin to develop and the prawns because more sweet and the texture becomes sort of "dewy". I wouldn't recommend this recipe for the squeamish.

Tags: Shrimp Ebi Sweet Shrimp

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We proudly source local, in-season seafood and distribute it directly to chefs and consumers islandwide.
Visit our kitchen in Kaimuki Thursday- Sunday or our farmers' market booth on Sunday in Mililani. You can even find a link in our IG bio to order and pickup afterhours