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Pan Seared Kama

Learn how to enjoy one of the best parts of the fish- the collar!



1- 2 Kama, cleaned and flattened

3tbs EVOO

1/2 cup mushrooms (we like Small Kine Farms)

1 shallot

2 tbsp Mirin


Chili powder (optional)

Lime wedges

1 cup mixed greens (we like Ma'o or Kahumana)

1/4 cup chopped cilantro


Let kama come to room temperature (about 20min)

Pickle the shallots.

Thinly slice 1/2 of the shallot and mix with Mirin, chili powder, pinch of salt and chopped cilantro. Set aside until plating the dish.

Cook the Kama.

Pat kama dry with paper towel and season with salt.In a saute pan add 3 tbs EVOO and heat to med-high heat.Place kama into pan skin side up for 3-4 min, then flip and cook another 3-4min.Remove and place on dry paper towel to catch any remaining oil.

Cook the mushrooms.

While pan is still hot, add mushrooms and saute until wilted. Remove and place on papertowel to catch remaining oil.


Add greens to plate and top with Kama, adding mushrooms around the side. Top with pickled shallots and slice of lime.

Serve as pupu or main dish.

A Chef Abraham original!

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