Our Recipes

and a few we like

Whole Fried Ta'ape

Enjoy a whole fish and an invasive species!


several whole Ta’ape (or other small fish) gutted, gilled, and scaled

peanut oil or other frying oil

Cornmeal or Panko, enough to coat fish


Lemon wedges


Heat oil in deep frying pan or wok til slightly smoking

Use a paring knife to make slits in the sides of the fish- this keeps the fish from curling up when frying. Lightly coat the fish in cornmeal or panko.

Carefully add in the fish, making sure to lay fish away from you to prevent splashing

Flip the fish after a couple minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish

Take the fish out and place on a paper towel lined plate or baking sheet. Pat it dry with the paper towel and sprinkle with salt. Squeeze the lemon to taste.

Serve with poi, cheese grits, fries, coleslaw, or even salad if you want to be healthy, lol.



We proudly source local, in-season seafood and distribute it directly to consumers islandwide.
Visit our kitchen in Kaimuki on Saturdays or our farmers' market booth on Sundays in Mililani. You can also enjoy our fish prepared by a select few chefs and restaurants on Oahu!