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Local I’a Hooks Customers

Love seafood and the ocean? Want to know exactly where and when your seafood was caught, so you can rest assured that it is labeled correctly? Local I’a Community supported fishery provides fair-trade, 100 percent local seafood, traceable from boat to plate using an online plateform called ThisFish created by Ecotrust.

We tell the story of the seafood distributed by uploading catch details of when, how and where the fish was caught, as well as who caught it. We pay fishers the price requested per pound and sell it directly to the community. A shorter supply chain provides fresher products to the consumer and higher wages to the fisher. The depleting fish resource is than valued higher. This allows fishers to fish less, and the populations of fish replenishes more easily. Lower pay to fishers is commonplace in the seafood industry, and creates the need to catch more fish. Our fishers also uphold pono standards which reflect state regulations, traditional knowledge and Seafood Watch guidelines.

Our seafood comes with the story of the fisher who caught it providing much deserved opportunities for gratitude to be expressed directly to the fisher through our Thank a Fisher option, whereby community members can send a message to the fisher through the online traceability platform. Fishers work very hard to bring our seafood to the table, and we are honored to provide a way for the people who enjoy their seafood to provide gratitude!

We now have five distribution outlets: farmers markets islandwide, retail at Kokua Market Co-op and Waimanalo Co-op, wholesale to chefs and local restaurants, catering and pop-up events, and our CSF service. The company started as a CSF alone, providing a share of seafood much like a CSA service does with produce. Payment is taken up front for a certain number of shares to receive what the fishers catch that week.

Although we are a for-profit business, we are also a social impact enterprise. The company donates profits to areas of conservation and community building. The bottom line doesn’t always have to be monetary. In our case, it is ocean conservation and fisher recognition.

Local I’a Hooks Customers - by Ashley Watts (Owner and operator of Local I’a)

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We proudly source local, in-season seafood and distribute it directly to chefs and consumers islandwide.
Visit our kitchen in Kaimuki Thursday- Sunday or our farmers' market booth on Sunday in Mililani. You can even find a link in our IG bio to order and pickup afterhours