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Mahalo! This was my first share and I am so excited to be a part of this. I’ve told every fish lover I know about Local I’a. Aloha, Jenny

– Jenny Engle traced A681334 from Kaneohe, Hawaii, United States on June 16. 2015

Great catch, Joshua! Mahalo!

– Nate traced A420333 from Kailua, Hawaii, United States on June 30. 2015

Mahalo for the ʻono fish!

– Annie traced A420333 from [u”] on June 30. 2015

Mahalo, Josh! This is my third share and I am loving Local I’a.

– Jenny Engle traced A420333 from Kaneohe, Hawaii, United States on June 30. 2015

Thanks Joshua! The marlin was so ono. We made it with a lime butter sauce. Mahalo!

– Todd & Julia Fink traced A420333 from [u”] on July 3. 2015

The akule were delicious! Thanks, Kaipo!

– Nate traced A591623 from Kailua, Hawaii, United States on July 14. 2015

Mahalo Kaipo Miller for catching the Akule! Big fish like Ahi are good but I love the smaller fishes the best! Hope you continue to go for these!

– Noe Tom traced A591623 from [u”] on July 20. 2015

Best, freshest ahi we’ve ever had! Just grilled it simple and served for entire extended family. Much oooooh’ing and aaaaaah’ing. Much mahalo for your catch and plenty aloha for you and yours.

– John Maurer traced A713813 from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States on July 21. 2015

Mahalo Joseph for catching the Ahi!!!

– Noe traced catch A274580, Local I’a, Aug. 4 2015

Much mahalo! I have never made my two favorite ahi preparations until this week with your catch: 1. limu poke, and 2. ahi furikake. WOW!!! So fresh. Very rewarding experiences. Aloha, –John M. (Manoa)

– John Maurer traced catch A274580, Local I’a CFA, Aug. 5 2015

Mahalo nui Joseph Soares! Super ono ahi this week…thanks for your good work catching that fish! We prepped it for poke and marinaded it in coconut milk, lime juice, a little grated ginger and a little fish sauce for about 10 minutes. Topped it with sliced green onion and chopped …

– Shirley Thompson traced catch A813955, Honolulu, Sept. 24 2015

Great catch, Matt! Cooking up an ono stir fry now with you catch. Mahalo!

– Nate traced catch A850934, Local I’a, Oct. 21 2015

Thanks guys! Absolutely loved the tuna this week. Keep it coming.

– Jason traced catch A813955, Local I’a pick up , Nov. 6 2015

Mahalo nui loa Jeff! May you be blessed abundantly!

– Neenz Faleafine traced catch A029655, Aiea, Dec. 30 2015

Aloha the aku was amazing!! Thank you so much!

– Keith Endo traced catch A500024, Honolulu, Jan. 21 2017

Such a great product much mahalo!!!

– Chef keith endo traced catch A559695, Local I’A, Jan. 6 2017

"Kekoa! Thanks for the mahi! So happy to hear that you're getting to do what you enjoy most and can make a living doing it."

Linda Sue traced catch A230040 on Nov 14 2018

"Hi, Kekoa. just to thank you for the great yellowfin ahi we received last week through our Local I'a CSF: my old-fashioned Japanese husband was very happy with the plates of sashimi made from our order. What was left was gently fried in butter and we were all happy with ..."

Gwen Harada traced catch A392430 on June 28 2018


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