What is a CSF?

How it works

      • Choose a pickup site that is close to your home or work
      • Choose a subscription, minimum of 4 weeks (can be non-consecutive)
        • Kau Share: 4-5 servings, or 1.5 to 2 lbs. of seafood $25
        • ʻOhana Share: 8-9 servings, 3-4 lbs. of seafood $45
      • Go to your pickup site at the designated time
      • Enjoy fresh, local, pono seafood!



We source directly from Blue Hook Fishers and delivery directly to you!

      • For more information see member policy page
      • Go to your pickup site at the designated time and pick up your fish!
      • Since we buy directly from our fishers, we are only supplying what is fresh and in season that week. Our seafood isnever frozen unless otherwise stated and delivered to you within 2-3 days of being caught.
      • Preservation of a surplus of seafood that can be eaten in times of shortage is one way Local Iʻa contributes to our communityʻs sustainable food practices.
      • Able to support our fishers and have open dialogue about the status of our fisheries
      • We have developed strong relationships with our fishers and we source only from local fishers who use pono fishing practices


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      • Our business is based on pono fishing practices and providing transparency to consumers about where their seafood comes from.

      • Each share will come with a barcode which you can use to trace your seafood on your smart phone or computer. You are now able to know the whole story of your fish from dock to dish.