Meet our Blue Hook Fishers

Jared Dow

Vessel: Flyer

Bio:Hi there, Captain Jared Dow here with Flyer Sportfishing, on Oahu’s North Shore. I first started fishing in Hawai’i the day I moved here from Santa Barbara, CA in 97′. I’ll never forget that day. A Blue Marlin, 5 Mahi Mahi, a big Ahi, Aku and a Ono on the way home! I was blown away! I couldn’t believe there was such a job as good as this and told the Captain to sign me up. Fate had it they needed help right away and so it began. I grew up fishing but this was so different. Such big, colorful and tasty fish.  The way I was taught is pretty much how I do it today. Catch the fish as quickly as possible to not stress and burn the meat, bleed it, gut it and ice it down. And, don’t let the fish just slosh around all day banging themselves up. Make sure they are secured from that abuse using towels, etc. I fished here in Hawaii for about 8 years, then decided to fish the World to learn different fisheries techniques. After meeting my wife Saya, we decided to move back and start our own business and raise our family. I love eating fish every which way and its my life. Mahalo for enjoying the fish I caught!

Kukulu Kuahuia

Bio:I am a native Hawaiian commercial fisherman specializing in deep sea pelagic fish such as ahi, ono and mahimahi. Most of my catch is sold to local commercial vendors. I also specialize in catching ‘opelu (mackerel scad) in the near shore fishery off Miloli’i using a hoop net. My most memorable fishing tale is when I was with my Dad (Raymond Kuahuia Sr.) and we almost swamped our boat off the Puna coastline near Pohiki. At the time we were carrying 28 big ahi’s on the boat.

Joe Soares

VesselHaunani- 24 foot Saltwater, 1987

Bio: I fish mostly along the Waianae Coast on the Island of Oʻahu. The types of fishing I do is primarily trolling and live baiting, also do shallow bottom and papio trolling with the kids for fun. Fishing brings peace of mind and relaxation. Anticipation of what you will find or what you will catch always leaves you craving more no matter what the out come of the trip.

Josh Soares

Vessel: Sasha Anne -26 foot Yellowfin

Bio: I have been fishing since I was years old with my dad. When I turned 16, I started fishing on my own. I have owned my owned captain license since 2011. I live in Waianae and fish mostly in Waianae, occasionally in Haleiwa.

Jeff Muir

Vessel: Sea Demon

Bio:I grew up in the Pacific Northwest fishing for a variety of salt and freshwater fish.  I moved to Hawaii in the late 90s and began shoreline fishing, but always found myself looking at boats and thinking about going offshore.  I fish once a week now and find great pleasure in catching and providing fresh seafood for my family and friends.

Kaipo Miller

Vessel: Charles Kalama

Bio: I am an akule fishermen and only fish during akule season when they are running. My crew and I are highly selective in what we harvest and there in very little bycatch. When we find a schoo of akule and surround it with the net, we only catch a small portion of the entire school. This allows other fish to escape and continue to reproduce and maintain a healthy population.

Ryan Hopper

Vessel: Grand Slam

Bio“It’s more than fishing. It’s a lifestyle”

I am a life-long fisherman and native of Florida, and have spent the past 10 years captaining the Grand Slam, a charter fishing boat on the North Shore of Oahu. I hold a Master Captains license as well as a PADI Divemaster certification. I have been very successful fishing in tournaments as I know all the tricks to get the fish on your line and in the fish box! I have experience catching all species of in-shore and off-shore Florida fishing, the Bahamas, Alaskan Salmon, and all of the Hawaiian Island waters.

I have both half day and full day charters, visit for more information.

More fishers to be added soon!