Do you know where your seafood comes from?

Local Iʻa seafood is traceable from boat to plate!

 Sign up today to pickup a share this week! We have pickup locations islandwide- Northshore, Kailua and 3 town locations! 

* We are currently awaiting vacancy at Kailua Farmer’s Market. Until than we have filets, poke, dip, and more at Kokua Market Co-Op everyday. 





Look for Local Iʻa seafood at several new restaurants around the island-Monkeypod Kitchen, PiggySmalls, and Vino. You can also still find our traceable seafood at Kokohead Cafe,Pig&theLadyTown, and MudHenWater with more to come soon!



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Know that you are supporting local fishermen!


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Enjoy Local Iʻa seafood at these locations around Oahu. 





A Few Fish Tales and Testimonials




Thanks guys! Absolutely loved the tuna this week. Keep it coming.

–Jason traced catch A813955, Local I’a pick up , Nov. 6



Great catch, Matt! Cooking up an ono stir fry now with you catch. Mahalo!

–Nate traced catch A850934, Local I’a, Oct. 21


Best, freshest ahi we’ve ever had! Just grilled it simple and served for entire extended family. Much oooooh’ing and aaaaaah’ing. Much mahalo for your catch and plenty aloha for you and yours.

–John Maurer traced catch A713813, Local I’a CSF, July 21

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