Local Iʻa Seafood


Our seafood is always picked up fresh from our fishers, processed, and delivered fresh to you. We never freeze our seafood, providing you with the freshest quality and the best tasting seafood.


Since we operate on the island of Oʻahu, most of our fishers are based on Oʻahu. They live on Oʻahu and only fish Oʻahu waters. We believe that the seafood of our community should feed the people of our community and it is our responsibility to take care of our resources. Sometimes we source seafood from pono fishers on neighbor islands to support their sustainable practices and assist them in caring for their resource. Our seafood never comes from anywhere outside the Hawaiian islands.


As stewards of their natural resources, Hawaiians knew how to live off of the sea and ensure there was enough for future generations. The Hawaiian practice of harvesting fish is called Pono Fishing, or Lawaiʻa Pono. All of our seafood is harvest by our Blue Hook Fishers using sustainable fishing practices and following Hawaii DLNR regulations.

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We work hard to transition seafood value chains, reduce the journey from boat to plate for the benefit of pono producers and consumers. When the journey is shortened, the ability to trace the origin of your seafood becomes easy. Local Iʻa provides the story of your seafood with all seafood we distribute! We are able to upload the data on your seafood online, where you can view it at This Fish at your convenience.


Seafood traceability is the core of our business model. We aim to ensure chain-of-custody and point of origin traceability for our seafood products using a system called This Fish (developed by EcoTrust Canada). Unique codes are assigned to each catch, which are preserved throughout the distribution process and can be used at point of purchase in retailers, on menus in restaurants, and as part of our labeling for our distributed shares that are picked up for customers. These codes lead customers to an online portal that provides detailed information on the species, who harvested it, how it was harvested, and the point of origin.

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