How to become a Blue Hook Fisher

To become a Blue Hook Fisher:

  • Contact Ashley (808) 492-8331 or for more details
  • Agree to fish in a pono way
  • Create a biography with Ashleyʻs assistance that highlights you and how you fish
  • Agree to have contact with those who eat your fish
  • Distribute your fresh, local, pono seafood island wide with increased demand and advertising!

 We give consumers the ability to trace their seafood-

Unique codes are assigned to each catch and can be used on menus in restaurants, and as part of our labeling for our distributed shares that are picked up for customers. These codes lead customers to an online portal that provide detailed information on the species, who harvested it, how it was harvested and point of origin. The customer is therefore exposed to the fishermen themselves, creating advertising within the sale.