Local I‘a is distribution and subscription based seafood business. We source local, in-season seafood that is caught through pono fishing practices and distributed directly to chefs and consumers. Local I’a was established to increase the awareness of where our seafood comes from, highlight our hard working pono fishers, and provide healthy local seafood.

The mission of Local Iʻa is to increase accessibility and consumption of locally sourced seafood while improving profitability for producers and sustainability in our local fisheries. Local I‘a CSF takes a quadruple-bottom line approach, seeking to create positive environmental, social, economic, and cultural changes in our island community. The overarching goal of our business is to support sustainable fishing livelihoods by increasing the value of local fisheries, improve consumer access to fresh, local, responsibly caught seafood, and preferentially source from sustainable fisheries that are well-managed and can provide seafood for future generations.

our business model


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Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Kuhao Zane of Sig Zane Designs. The central feature of our logo depicts the magical and legendary fishhook Manaiakalani. Manaiakalani was once used by Maui (a Hawaiian demigod) in an attempt to unite the islands. As a symbol of unity, Manaiakalani calls on fishermen across the pae‘āina to collectively steward our fisheries resources.

Attached to the Manaiakalani is the traditional cordage, or aho, that represents the connection to our ocean environment, that which binds us to our ‘āina. The shape of the cordage references an ‘umeke, or calabash, which reminds us of the important role our fisheries play in supporting food security. If we harvest in a pono (responsible) way, the ‘umeke will remain full in perpetuity.

Lastly, the four lines of cordage pay homage to the traditional fishers of Miloli‘i, who count their ‘ōpelu (Mackerel scad) in units of four, following traditions of their ancestors.