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Our Seafood

Distributed directly from the fishers to you. Fresh.Local.Pono.

You don't get fresher fish unless you know all the Uncles that fish around the island.

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Seafood Purchasing 101

Tips to help you purchase seafood


How to tell if fish is fresh

Does the fish smell like fish?

If the fish is whole are the eyes cloudy or not bulbous?

Is the fish very mushy to the touch?

These are all things to look for when purchasing fish. If the eyes are sunken in on a whole fish then it is most likely is not fresh. As is any fish that smells like fish. Fresh fish should smell like the ocean and not have a strong fishy odor. The texture of the fish depends on a variety of factors and does not always indicate freshness, however older fish will be mushier.


Origin of catch matters

What method of fishing was the fish caught?

How far did the fish have to travel to get here?

Was fair trade paid for the fish when purchased from the fisher?

Knowing the story of your seafood helps you support methods and fishing industries that have a more positive effect on our world. Many commercial fishing methods used are environmentally unsustainable and highly unregulated. Nets are used to scoop up whole schools of fish and everything surrounding them. Others drag weights on the bottom of the seafloor while scooping up all that is in the path of a giant net. Shrimp are the largest culprit of this. Some fish are caught in waters that are polluted. Fish are often bought for a low price and sold for a much higher price, imported and exported to make profit that does not trickle down to the fishers. The stocks of fish are depleted because the fishers never receive adequate pay for their efforts.


Most fish have seasons- read the fine print

Is the fish sold all year round at this establishment?

Is the same fish on the menu year round?

How many plates of fish are served at this establishment compared to the amount of fish available?

Buzz words such as troll caught and day boat caught are often used at places to attract more business, yet the ability to fulfill these claims is rarely met.

Storage of your seafood after purchase is also very important in maintaining quality and freshness. When fish sits in its own juice it becomes fishy. We provide absorbant towel in each package of filet to help with this. Once the paper becomes saturated you replace it with a dry piece of paper towel. Store your fish in the coldest part of your fridge. You can store it on drained ice for optimal storage.

Other Sources on Seafood Sustainability

Fishing for more info?

Ask us anything fishy and we will do our best to help you find an answer!

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Demo Dinner Series

ON HOLD TO RESUME SOON!Usually every 3rd Monday evening 6:30-8pm at the Kaimuki Superette!

$40 CSF/SlowFood members $45 general public

Simple preparation of local seafood and produce |  BYOB  |  Talk Story

Join us to learn how easy it can be to enjoy ALL LOCAL meals and cook a variety of local ingredients!

3/18 Seafood Gumbo with SlowFood Oahu

5/20 Sushi making with OFR/Surfrider Foundation (Rescheduled from April)

6/17 Miso Fish with Roots Cafe

7/15 postponed

8/19 Fish Tacos with Hawaii Masa Co and Ola Brew

9/16 Venison Bruschetta & Fish Piccata with Forage

10/21 LauLau and Ulu preparation with Nick Reppun

11/18 Healthy Salads with The Healthy Locavore

12/16 Postponed until next month due to Holidays

01/20/2020 Fish & Bananas with Gabe from Counter Culture (rescheduled from December)

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Processing and cooking demos

Join us in our kitchen in KaimukiON HOLD FOR NOW TO RESUME SOON!

Process whole fish to filet  |  Filet to sashimi & poke  |  Simple cooking demos

Only $40 for members of our CSF and Slowfoods / $45 for non-members and you get to take ~1 pound of fish home or 1 serving to enjoy!

We are combining the two to make it more interesting and convenient! Upcoming date for processing demos TBA. Contact us to reserve your spot today!

Summer Dinner on the deck the sequel

at Fete

Tuesday June 19th was awesome so we are scheduling another one!

Talk story with fishers  |  Fabulous chef creations  |  Good Times

Dinner with wine, specialty cocktail, tax and tip all included. $75. Buy tickets on Eventbrite soon!Stay tuned for new date.

Past Events

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We proudly source local, in-season seafood and distribute it directly to chefs and consumers islandwide.
Visit our kitchen in Kaimuki Thursday- Sunday or our farmers' market booth on Sunday in Mililani. You can even find a link in our IG bio to order and pickup afterhours